Saturday, July 18, 2009

Judiciary?where are we taking it

Being born in a family where studying law has been a trend since ages,i chose to do otherwise,preferred an altogether different stream for myself,engineering.Not because i never liked law but perhaps my hesitation that i might not be able to deliver justice all the time.And the main reason for this hesitation was seeing the current path where indian judiciary is heading.What had been formulated as an independent body,that would under no circumstances succumb to any pressures,and would deliver justice no matter who may be the culprit,is becoming a ludicruous thing nowadays,preferably for the powerful lot of our economy.It is true that judiciary till now has been kept away from all the political influences,but the constant oppositions to various verdicts by the supreme and the high court by the various political parties is proving it to be otherwise.The biggest example is holding of the death sentence of “mohd. Afzal” who killed several policemen and attacked the parliament in 2001.The complications of the law is one thing and the political involvement in this case is another.Another recent one is the dharm gurus raising voices against the section 377 verdict by the High Court.The thing is if we keep raising voices against the judgements and seek political involvement then time is not far away when judiciary would also become just a governing body whose decisions can be moulded anytime and by anyone.This is definitely not right because then we would loose all the purpose of justice and power will once again come in the hands of the money possessers.Though i chose to be away let not the current generation lot who have immense potential to do good here be away from it just because of some money diggers who seek to defame it.

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