Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Power and then what?

What intrigues me most is what exactly is the most misued thing 2day,money or power?we say that with money comes power and that’s it...you dont need anything else in this world....nd i guess its true.........but then power in this context doesn’t only means the one to rule the country or the one which our politicians possess(that is the ones which entitles you a huge amass of public property).i m taking about the power that each one of us is having,the one to rule over,give orders to the one who is below us.how we never think of the person who is working on our orders,how we forget that what if we were in their positions,what if we would have been going thru such a crisis that compelling us to do such things,what if they were never there...who would work for us?someone once said that “with power comes great responsibility” but how many of us realise it when we use it,is infact astonishing.I m not saying that you should let the ones below you surpass you in any way,but before misjudging them,before scolding them,before using your power over them atleast think once that they are also human,give them punishment if they did something wrong but atleast once try and know what compelled them do it?speaking politely and with love can do wonders,harsh words once spoken never come back but if you would not have spoken them then atleast you wont have the grudge in your heart that someway or the other you also did something wrong.If god has bestowed us with anything, it is his then, not ours....something given can be taken back as well.......and as for power there’s always someone who is more powerful than you.........

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