Saturday, July 18, 2009

Judiciary?where are we taking it

Being born in a family where studying law has been a trend since ages,i chose to do otherwise,preferred an altogether different stream for myself,engineering.Not because i never liked law but perhaps my hesitation that i might not be able to deliver justice all the time.And the main reason for this hesitation was seeing the current path where indian judiciary is heading.What had been formulated as an independent body,that would under no circumstances succumb to any pressures,and would deliver justice no matter who may be the culprit,is becoming a ludicruous thing nowadays,preferably for the powerful lot of our economy.It is true that judiciary till now has been kept away from all the political influences,but the constant oppositions to various verdicts by the supreme and the high court by the various political parties is proving it to be otherwise.The biggest example is holding of the death sentence of “mohd. Afzal” who killed several policemen and attacked the parliament in 2001.The complications of the law is one thing and the political involvement in this case is another.Another recent one is the dharm gurus raising voices against the section 377 verdict by the High Court.The thing is if we keep raising voices against the judgements and seek political involvement then time is not far away when judiciary would also become just a governing body whose decisions can be moulded anytime and by anyone.This is definitely not right because then we would loose all the purpose of justice and power will once again come in the hands of the money possessers.Though i chose to be away let not the current generation lot who have immense potential to do good here be away from it just because of some money diggers who seek to defame it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Media....diverting from its purpose

It was not long time back when I was surfing the channels on tv when a very catchy slogan on one of the most popular news channel caught my attention,”blackmagic by michael jackson”...It was the day after MJ’s sudden death due to cardiac arrest and the mere topic left me gaping...not only this,slogans like “did michael jackson knew that this would happen??” and “did he actually die or is he still alive??” flooded the news channel.....I was more than shocked to see that the death of one of the most popular rock star of all times has been made a joke kind of thing for the rest of the world.Forget this they didn’t even leave his past life and kept on speculating what he was before....some animal,girl,wat?It was in simple words disgusting.....but this was not the first time,media has long lost its purpose......every now and then you see breaking news flashing....and the contents “the poor dog of this this celebrity finally died”!!!!I guess the entire world would definitely die if they dont come to know about the poor little dog....The news nowadays hardly contains “news” after all.What is exactly the reason,is it the numerous news channels that have come up,or the race to increase their TRP’s is indeed a question.However even that doesn’t entitle them to go astray from their main purpose....after all they take the responsibility to inform and update the people as to what exactly is happenning all around us.If it was just entertainment we were looking for then we definitely have much more important stuffs to look at than the news channels.

What bothers us,accepting the truth or dealing with it.

It refers to the topic that you would find almost every day a section of the newspaper dedicated to,the right of the homosexuals and their lives.What should have been simply an acceptance of an order passed by the delhi high court turned out to be a major cause of dissatisfaction among many.The burning animosity between the “dharm gurus” and the “homosexuals” is taking an ugly route.A simple affair of what people do privately and their rights had been blown out of proportion by all.What i feel that we have no right to interfere in anyone’s private life,after all it is what democracy is all about,and the delhi high court did full justice by making the necessary changes in section 377.Our so called “dharm gurus” who call it an act that is violating our basic principles seems to have forgotten the very details given in the epics like mahabharata and the many others.There were instances like men turning into women to marry the ones they loved,and other tales of love between the same sex people,homosexuality is not something which has come into practice just now,it was there since long,and if we venerate and still call them epics are we doing justice by blaming the homosexuals for violating our morals.Just by passing a law against them wouldn’t keep these people away from doing it,what will eventually happen is that there would be no more public displays,but then who knows what happens when the night falls.Isn’t it unfair for the women who marries a homosexual unknowingly,because the guy doesn’t have guts to tell the truth.Its high time that we should accept what is there will prevail,no matter how many laws we pass,either we accept it and choose our own way or just try and ruin the lives of people involved because we just want to do it.