Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What bothers us,accepting the truth or dealing with it.

It refers to the topic that you would find almost every day a section of the newspaper dedicated to,the right of the homosexuals and their lives.What should have been simply an acceptance of an order passed by the delhi high court turned out to be a major cause of dissatisfaction among many.The burning animosity between the “dharm gurus” and the “homosexuals” is taking an ugly route.A simple affair of what people do privately and their rights had been blown out of proportion by all.What i feel that we have no right to interfere in anyone’s private life,after all it is what democracy is all about,and the delhi high court did full justice by making the necessary changes in section 377.Our so called “dharm gurus” who call it an act that is violating our basic principles seems to have forgotten the very details given in the epics like mahabharata and the many others.There were instances like men turning into women to marry the ones they loved,and other tales of love between the same sex people,homosexuality is not something which has come into practice just now,it was there since long,and if we venerate and still call them epics are we doing justice by blaming the homosexuals for violating our morals.Just by passing a law against them wouldn’t keep these people away from doing it,what will eventually happen is that there would be no more public displays,but then who knows what happens when the night falls.Isn’t it unfair for the women who marries a homosexual unknowingly,because the guy doesn’t have guts to tell the truth.Its high time that we should accept what is there will prevail,no matter how many laws we pass,either we accept it and choose our own way or just try and ruin the lives of people involved because we just want to do it.


  1. as stated this is just my perception,feel free to state urs.....

  2. hey but wats the benefit of legalizing gay marriage when they are not provided with the rights.When all legally recognized marriages are given access to life insurance,compensation,medical decision making privileges,retirement plans etc,these couples are devoid of all such benefits,moreover social acceptance factor adds up to it.

    And what if our Government give them the same status ie equiavalent to straight ppl.........this will give rise to all kinds of crazy behavior.No one is born gay.Its not genetic.Thts a proven fact!!

    Marriage was invented by God and comes from the Bible.So if we don't want church or religious norms to come into picture why don't we eliminate marriage from the legal system? People (straight or not) could just live together and do whatever they wanted. Its so disgusting that people breaking the norms at the name of democracy.huh!!