Friday, May 28, 2010

My Favourite Author

What impresses me most,the writing style,the vocab,the ideas,the suspense...........I don't know......but if I have to chalk down a few of my favorite authors,JK Rowling and Dan Brown would definitely be amongst the top two.....Actually they are the only ones who have had a lasting impression on me.No matter how many more I read I would never be able to forget the profound effect these two have on me.Don't know whether it was my adolescence that made me such an ardent fan of Harry Potter or something else but whatever be the case I must say JK Rowling is an amazing author.....Even after successfully reading the entire series about 10 times I just can't let it go.It immediately transfers me from a world of my own to an illusionary world of magic,wizards,aurors........a world anyone would want to be a part of...The feeling of knowing that everything is false yet you long to be associated with it is great.She succeeds in creating a world out of nothingness.........Such is her effect that you can't even help admiring the most loathsome character in her book.....Voldemort....

While JK Rowling has her style Dan Brown has his...........totally different yet so subtle and intriguing.He'll leave you gaping everytime you flip a page.Never will come a time when you'll be satisfied that what you have gathered so far is correct,he contradicts you everytime.....He'll prove you wrong the moment you draw a conclusion.Such is his writing style that while you read, apart from being in awe with the characters in the novel you'll also be in awe with the amount of knowledge he possesses.Never have I seen an author with such huge facts to support his writing.The topics that he chooses will never be irrelevant.He is always filled with a purpose.

Though I must've read numerous novels till date I can't compare these two genius with anyone else.Hats off to them.

Is Hardwork enough???????

I have spent considerable time pondering over this and every time I want to believe that yes it is the case,no body can stop you if you have the zeal,the passion to do something and are ready to put in extreme hard-work,I am proven wrong.I am proven wrong by my own experiences.The world here doesn't seem to notice how much hard-work you have put in,they just want the output.You are judged by whatever you show live,nobody cares how many sleepless nights you have had,how much research you have done,how much you have sacrificed.And the best part it even if you show the output you are not given the credit.The background that you have,the number of contacts you can show do it all.Its all about power and money and your molding capacity,how much can u fool others.Moreover nowadays people doesn't like being respected,they like getting fooled because probably they also know that this is ultimately what works.How does then people who don't conform to such means expect to survive in such circumstances?You either know how to charm people or you are doomed forever.Everyday when i get up i wait for a new start,where you will be appreciated for what you have tried,for what you have done,for what you are and for not what you pretend to be but by the time the day ends it dawns on me that these are false pretenses and waiting is not a solution.I am one of the many suffering from this,call it my luck or stupidity even after understanding what the world wants from me i don't really budge.

I want the world to change,I want people to realize that not everyone is born with a mind of newton.I want people to appreciate how beautiful it is when you sweat through and achieve something.What if you were not what you are?What if even you were one of us who want to achieve but by their own efforts?What if u did not have the power or the contact?In short I just want you to THINK......JUST THINK OVER IT.......