Sunday, September 26, 2010

A WOnderfulllll DAy n SuCCeSS

It was an important day for me…Yes, I like most others was excited………excited about going to this conclave…….For me INDIA TODAY YOUTH CONCLAVE was nothing more than a platform which will enable me to meet some of the most eminent personalities of all time……Yes, for me it was watching Katrina Kaif and Saurav Ganguly in person……For me it was taking autographs of the celebrities, getting pics with them……For me it was being at a place where you are surrounded by the most influential ,powerful and glamorous people of all time…….Never did I thought it would give me something else. As a matter of fact I never wanted anything else……Just like a teenager who when provided with a computer for the first time is all excited and pumped up and doesn’t give even a bit of thought as to what not he or she can do with it and doesn’t see beyond paint and games, Similarly, I was not even 1% inclined to think about what all I can gain from it…..For me it was like I had got a key to open the door of a magical world and being with wizards was all that mattered at that time………..

But, as life is all about unexpected things. It so happened that for me Katrina Kaif and Saurav Ganguly were not the only ones that mattered…..Infact if I come to think of it, “did they even matter then???” INDIA TODAY YOUTH CONCLAVE proved out to be what it was intended for, it was for us….the YOUTH…….I wouldn’t be joking if I tell that it had such an impact on me that nobody could have ever had had. My vision of life has changed…..Interacting with some of the most successful people of all times gave me a totally new direction and approach……..It taught me that success is not just to succeed….it taught me that success is not a predefined set of goals that we have to achieve…..It taught me that success doesn’t come with age. No matter you are 19 or 55 success will come when you will do what you intend to do, it will come when you will do what you love the most, it will come when you will believe in yourself and try to your utmost capability to achieve what you have dreamt of. I don’t think it was the influence of a single personality that taught me all this………..I can’t even chalk out a few of them…….it was all of them………everyone I guess…………..While Nandan taught me that to do something different you need to take risk and just go for it and be it a fulfillment of a dream or building an empire, nothing comes at ease. Sometimes success will just depend on your single decision, no matter how hard it appears, sometimes having faith in one’s capabilities can do wonders . He says he was lucky enough that he got hired by Narayan Murthy but we know it wasn’t just luck….and if it was then it is something which is with everyone of us. So just “GO BIG”

Vishwanathan Anand on the other hand was someone for whom success lies in winning and losing and losing again then again rising. Being the world champion doesn’t come without a cost…….It was his love for the game and the thirst for victory that makes him stand where he is. You needn’t be perfect to be successful……sometimes being just better that the others is what that matters .Sometimes to be successful taking advantage of your opponent is what you have to do, but even for all these you have to give it your best shot. Strategising against your opponent is not something that takes place in a jiffy…..It requires taking a look at those millions of previous data’s that you have collected. It’s like keeping yourself calm and composed even in the most adverse circumstances. It’s like having faith in yourself even when others think you can’t…because if there is someone who can then even you can……..why not???
Mukul, Sanjeev, Jaydeep and Chavvi were ultimate epitome of those lot who had much more in hand but chose to do otherwise. Because doing something that you love is what matters and your success is ultimately when you are happy and satisfied. You may earn a lot of money and fame but will it be your success??You need to define your own goal…..You need to tread on a path you chose for yourself because people may help you but nobody will complete that journey for you. Sometimes you will have to be a leader to help move things on. Jaydeep never made ‘Chak De’ because he thought the theme is different and it would earn him money. He never took Shahrukh because of his brand value……….he took him because he wanted it to work…….and he wanted it to work not for himself but for the Girls Indian National Hockey Team…….to help them raise their standand…to help them make money….to help them get sponsors for themselves. Be it industry or otherwise there are still people who work for a cause…still people for whom success is not only yours but other’s as well. Why else would an IIM graduate Chavvi Rajawwat would have left corporate world to be a sarpanch of a small village of 7000 people? Why else would Sanjeev Sanyal leave his posh job in Deutsche Bank and develop a better Growth indices measurement method if not for the world??

“Success is not thinking out of the box ,success is thinking that there is no box at all”…were the words of Pranav Mistry……….being still in his 20’s this guy has made wonders with his inventions all over the world. According to him success is not reaching to the goal…it’s enjoying the process of reaching there. Everything that you do should be done with a thought that ‘What’s the need?’. Because if you know the purpose you are working for then you know you are not far behind. After all everything is there is us, we just need to identify and put in to the best use.
I do not know whether Katrina or Saurav told any different than the above…………they all were sounding the same………..Success was defined by now. But the most ultimate was yet to come……….it was from Sachin Pilot…….I do not know from where does the charisma in him comes but it’s like you can listen him for hours and wouldn’t want him to stop. He changed my mind about politics…………Politics is not filled with only scums ,there are still people who work for the people………..still young Indians who care about others .If it’s about how corrupt the Indian politics has become even we the youths are equally responsible for it. Why is it that we just crib and never take a stand?? Why is it that we don’t want to tread on the path and work for our country. If we don’t have the courage to stand and lead then we even do not have the authority to question everyone who does. People like him are not more but wouldn’t we make the number increase if we also join. It’s not about joining politics ,it’s about doing the best for our country, serving our people, it’s about taking a stand…it’s not just about cribbing…’s supporting our people….. and we all talk about success …… this not what we call SUCCESS???

Success can never be defined…It’s definition will be as abstract as we can dream of……It’s just time and places and people like these that makes us realize their MANTRA’S OF SUCCESS but for us ,we have to make our own……….and sooner or later we all will.

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