Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How helpless are we?

Sometimes I think would it really have been better if I was born in the age of my forefather?? Or the situation would still have been the same…that I was as helpless even then as I am now? Has anyone pondered over this issue that how our life is governed by a number of factors which are out of our control? How every time when we think that our life is perfect , the next moment it shatters, bringing down all our hopes and desires? Be it our college life, school life or workplace we are no way near to being ourselves, we are just what others want us to be. How often have we protested for some injustice that has happened to us? How often have we raised our voice in support of someone we know is ailing from the dealings of this biased world? You want to open your mouth and it’s made to shut, either by piling huge amount of money in front of you or by scaring you to death. We all know that we are the most selfish beings that have ever prevailed on this planet, even the animals are better than us when it comes to saving their own community. We on the other hand just know one thing…..Where do we benefit from all this? What harm is it doing to us? Why are we so concerned? How will it help?. It has always been about us, ourselves and only we.

Talking from the point of view of a student who has spent considerable years of her life away from her parents, in boarding ,I can clearly see myself failing each and every time if I come to think of how often have I succeeded in doing what I actually wanted to? My wishes here doesn’t mean my ambitions, they mean my social virtues, my want’s , my desires out of this world . What have these years of isolation given me apart from a self confidence?? Yes, they have taught me how to close your eyes whenever you see something wrong happening, they have taught me to shut your ears if you hear someone’s plead , they have taught me to pretend that everything around you is awesome even if it’s not , they have taught me that listen to those who have money because they ultimately will have power, to bow to those whom you can’t defeat ,to serve those whom you can’t equal……………In reality it has just taught me how to become more selfish and more inhuman. This is not just me, it’s the millions of us who are surviving...Either it’s due to pressure or fear or in vain but we all have degraded ourselves to such an extent that there is no rising……We all know in our hearts that we have literally murdered our souls and are treading on a path which will someday take us to our doom, but the fact is that we are still heading towards it………What we lack is not just Courage, It’s the ability to think beyond ourselves…to be what we were supposed to be HUMANE…….humans!!!


  1. Nicely narrated..
    But i have the different perception :-
    "Every time when we think that our life is perfect , the next moment it shatters, bringing down all our hopes and desires"..
    It's actually, we never thought that our life is perfect, and everything that shatters is not our desires, its our "Desire for More And More" that shatters everything and force us to believe that our life is not perfect.

    There is always a difference between "Something Happens" and "Doing Something".
    No one teaches you something, you learn the things by yourself.

    Education in School , college is not about passing/ failing in examinations.
    Sending to a boarding , school , etc is for a better education and learning that our parents think of giving as a gift to us, that doesn't mean you should stop desiring for what we want.

    Human mind starts working before he comes out. No one teaches you to be selfish, its your very own attitude and taking things in a different way makes you selfish.

    About our soul, we have actually never made it alive (do you think it was ever alive ??). We have always believed our body as our soul and the pleasure that our body feels , are considered as the pleasure felt by the soul. And that is the reason for "Helpless" feeling, because we have linked pleasure, desire , Hopes , injustice , failing , ambitions , defeat , Success , and many such things with the Material World.

    About closing eyes and ears,well we are in the world where 99.999999...% people speaks the same. Even to raise you voice in public (for something good), you need to have a Power n money. There are many real life examples where a person raises a voice against something and end up getting a slap from the world.

    I am not talking about sit at a corner and bear all the problems:
    About Today's Y-Generation, who aims for touching the sky and fly freely, have forgotten their boundaries and limitations. If i see a young good looking girl , harressed by few guys on a local street, i'll refrain myself from helping out a girl and would like to pass away from their, because what i think is most of the girls(not everyone) have crossed their personal mark of decency.
    If i see a policeman / a govt. employee taking a bribe, i can't stop any one. A person giving bribe have definatly taken the same from someone else(Not everyone).

    Yes, you are correct at certain points and that is why it is said:-
    "Be the change ,or accept the change".
    But i think there is not use of being the change and my Soul doesn't allow me to accept the change and that's why i remain at equilibrium many a time.

    But this doesn't mean that I am Helpless and i have become Inhumane.....
    I mean by all this is , that my intellect is still alive and i can stay happy and satified with what i have and what i am getting from the life and my world.

    NOM (No Offence Meant) for what i said.

    A L J

  2. yes sir i totally feel no offence...after all its ur perception...:)...thnks for taking out the tym....